“What are you doing today?”

It was a good question.  In the past, I would have answered with something like “Oh, you know.  I might do this, I might do that.  I’ll probably just hang out.”

I wasn’t making many plans in those days.  It was easier to give in to the whims of fate and follow the curves of whatever road I ended up on.

Eventually, I started answering that question with more and more intention.  Maybe it was because I was getting older, or maybe I was getting sick of being pulled towards randomness rather than pushing towards my goals.

Ridding your life of randomness is creative starvation, but a strong stride in the direction of something you want is fuel on the fire.

We need to constantly prove to ourselves that anything standing between us and the people we want to be or the life we want to live is a laughable distraction on the path towards fulfillment.

So, what am I doing today?  I’m doing everything I can.

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