A lot of people told me that working in startups was risky.  They told me to get a job with a big, established company. 

 "You never know when your job is going to disappear." 

 "Startups don't have any benefits." 

 "You won't get any respect." 

 And they were right.  But not as right as they thought. 

 A startup job might disappear or a startup may go under, but corporations often lay off hundreds at a time. At a startup, you're more likely to see it coming, and to have some ability to help right the ship. 

 Startups don't always have health insurance or a clear promotion path.  True.  But these can turn into golden handcuffs that make it difficult to leave when job satisfaction dries up or internal relationships sour. 

 And maybe working at a startup doesn't give you the prestige a Fortune 500 would.  But who do you respect more?  The person who maintains the status quo, or the person who creates a new one?